Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hell Freezes, The Easter Bunny Sneezes, Bumgarner Gets Support! Giants 5, Snakes 2

    Madison Bumgarner threw six fantastic innings on Wednesday night against the D-Backs, giving up only two homers and finally receiving enough run support to add the 5-2 win to his deceiving record.

    Young MadBum pitched in an unusual situation, for he sat on a cushion-- however thin--throughout his appearance. Though he gave up two homers, the young lefty pitched out of what began as yet another of his once-a-game shadow innings and kept the Snakes in the two run cage he (regretfully) built for them. 

    Bumgarner wasn’t the only one holding the D-Backs, though. The Giants’ new second-baseman, Bill Hall, proved himself by driving in Huff with a single in the 6th and hitting a double in the 9th to eventually score on Eli Whiteside’s triple. The real difference-maker in the game, however, was Aaron Rowand’s quick play from the left field corner off of Chris Young’s would-be double, initiating a brilliant relay home and allowing Whiteside to put the tag on Stephen Drew.

 Not only was Rowand a stud in left, but he also hit two singles, proving to all the pre-season haters that he isn't just dead weight or an uneaten contract. That Aaron Rowand is a Gold Glove fielder, a clutch hitter, and pure, 24 karat badass shouldn't be forgotten--even when his chips are down.

The Giants will try for the sweep tomorrow, and who knows, maybe Pat Burrell’s uplifting yet eerie triple will endow him with enough confidence to earn back his title.

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