Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lincecum Sustains Rut, A's Beat Giants 5-3

So many Giants fans long for the Tim Lincecum who threw a complete game shutout against the A's less than a month ago. While Friday night's game wasn't the massacre he threw against the Reds, Lincecum walked five and gave up two earned runs, helping the A's take a 5-2 victory over the Giants.

Lincecum's shaky outing began in the 1st inning, as he allowed the A's Coco Krisp to score off of a single by Connor Jackson (who had apparently done is homework on Linceucm, going 3-4 on the night). In the 3rd, the he gave up run after walking Hideki Matsui and allowing him to score off of a double by Willingham. Throughout the game, however, shining through the sallow haze of walks and base-hits, Timmy looked like his old self, striking out 7 in the few crisp, ace-like innings he had.

But what can we glean from Tim Lincecum's recent mortality? That magnificent shutout against the A's was right before the harrowing Marlins series, during which Posey made his exit. Since then, Tim has pitched without his usual swagger, his ethereal grace. Is Timmy missing his other half? Is Frodo missing Sam? Is Batman missing Robin? Is Captain missing Tennille? Consider it: Is Posey's absence affecting Lincecum's pitching?

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